The Estee Lauder Companies Jo Malone London- Stylist & Business Management Opportunties-Greater Los Angeles Area in Los Angeles, California

Jo Malone London- Stylist & Business Management Opportunties-Greater Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles,CA

Position title: Jo Malone Stylist/Key Holder

Reports to: Account Exceutive/Account Coordinator

Position Summary:

The Jo Malone Stylist represents the products and culture of the company to the customer. Their primary responsibilities are customer service, clienteling and sales achieved through exceptional communication skills and selling abilities. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining the counter environment and daily operation of the counter.


• Provide welcoming, personal, professional service to all customers at all times. Greet all clients with “Welcome to Jo Malone” and a smile.

• Ask questions, investigate preferences, listen to customer and make the experience interactive by offering to spray fragrances for the customer.

• Suggest Fragrance Combining™ and appropriate products to meet and exceed customers’ needs through using Jo Malone’s 4 Core Philosophies: The Art of Fragrance Combining, The Art of Gift Giving, The Art of Hand & Arm Massage and The Art of Scent Surround.

• Assist customers with product/services selection and information.

• Demonstrate effective communication skills, the well-executed and expedient selling techniques to meet/exceed customer desires and expectations. Sample products as applicable.

• Obtain customer data for client files as required and Link in the POS system.

• Maintain daily, consistent and effective “Clienteling”

• On closing the sale, thank the customer, invite the customer to a future visit and process the transaction through the POS system.

• Achieve individual monthly sales goal.

• Achieve Minimum AUS of $100 or higher.

• Achieve Minimum IPT of 1.5 or higher.

• Achieve appointment booking goals.

• Follow up with clients via phone or hand written thank you note on purchases made/samples given/attended events.

• Offer clients Hand & Arm Massages. Meet/exceed Hand & Arm Massage Daily Goals.

• Track your sales daily, tally at end of each shift and complete DBR daily.

• Practice proper hygiene guidelines when demonstrating products on clients. Use spatulas as needed. Wash hands frequently throughout day

• Clean counters, tables, shelves at end and Beginning of each shift.

• Keep products on tables/counters clean, in proper order, and full for demonstration.

• Maintain tables, shelving and counter merchandised to the merchandising guidelines.

• Unpack and fill cases and drawers with stock.

• Timeliness: Work scheduled shifts and follow break guidelines. Sign In & Out as directed by Business Manager.

• Follow Jo Malone Dress Code: wear all black/black & white professional attire, wear modest size jewelry and accessories, wear no more than five accessories at once, wear makeup in your basic look or and hair must be neat.

• Team Work: work well and communicate effectively with your co-workers. Be conscious of working for the benefit of the counter and business has a whole.

• A Jo Malone fragrance should be worn during your work shift.

• Be Flexible with changes made for the needs of business, scheduling and meetings.

• Maintain organization: when servicing clients, daily business activities and your clienteling system to ensure effectiveness.

• Operational Functions for Key-Holder including: opening/closing the store, following policy & procedure for all store functions, cash register and deposit responsibilities, daily business communication with SM and AE.

The above statements reflect the general details considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job identified, and shall not be considered as detailed description of all the work required inherent in the job.

Company Information

Name: The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

Description: The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, fragrance and hair care products. The guiding vision of The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is bringing the best to everyone we touch. By the best, we mean the best products, the best people and the best ideas. These three pillars have been the hallmarks of our Company since it was founded by Mrs. Estee Lauder in 1946. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today. The more than 9,000 quality products we market under our portfolio of brands are a crucial competitive asset, delivering consumer satisfaction and performance second to none. Innovation is the driving force that propels our growth. Each year, we add more than 300 new offerings. About one third of the Company's sales come from skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products introduced within the past three years. As we look ahead, we believe that The Estee Lauder Companies is ideally positioned for continued growth. We will accomplish our goals by remaining focused on our key strategies, innovating new products, driving all product categories, diversifying distribution, expanding our global reach, and pursuing acquisition and licensing opportunities. Most important, our highest priority will always be our commitment to building great brands and great people. Thanks to them, The Estee Lauder Companies will remain the consumer's first choice for the very best in cosmetics.