The Estee Lauder Companies Sales Planning Executive in China

Sales Planning Executive

Brand: Origins


  1. Sales planning: the role should be more strategic and follow the process as below:

LRP-Yearly Budget-Quarterly-Weekly at brand level

Monitor the daily and hourly at store level

The full process will be: Sales target setting-allocation to doors-weekly tracking-review and reporting

1) LRP planning:

a. Prepare sales projection for the next 3 years based on current latest estimation and individual door performance

b. Review with NSM and BGM

c. Submit the final version to finance team

2) Budget planning:

a. Distribution plan

i. Help BGM and NSM to complete distribution plan before yearly budget


b. Sales planning

i. Prepare realistic sales projection for next year based on LRP

ii. Review with NSM and BGM

iii. Submit the final version to finance team (all expenditure will based on sales projection)

c. Expenditure planning

i. Review brand and sales calendar of next year with NSM

ii. Plan sales related events including:

  • New door opening

  • Retail education

  • Counter retail events

  • Sales management team meeting

  • Field meeting (RM meeting, key cities town hall meeting)

  • Etc.

iii. Plan expenditure based on sales calendar

3) Fiscal year target allocation and monthly latest estimation update

a. Target allocation and tracking

i. Allocate monthly store target at the beginning of the year

ii. Tracking national target achievement weekly, monthly, quarterly

b. Review actual sales performance and adjust following sales forecast by door to complete monthly latest estimation

  1. Order management

a. Maintain and implement online PO system which will help check regular orders from store, will help improve fulfillment and avoid mistakes

i. Align with product team and FIM to get updated sku forecast

ii. Set Min-max rule for each SKU by door according to forecast

iii. Cooperate with AS team to get updated product information and suggested allocation

iv. Upload all information into online PO system and active the order cycle

v. Track store order status and alert MRO if any store hasn’t issued order

vi. Analyze and calculate ordering information for next cycle order

b. New launch allocation

i. Align with product team to get product information and sales target for new launches of next month

ii. Allocate new launch to each store based on specific product/category performance

iii. Send the suggested allocation to sales management team to see if any adjustment is needed

iv. Create purchase order template and send to all department stores to get retailer confirmation

v. Send confirmed allocation form to AS for order release

c. Monthly inventory review with MRO and NSM

d. ABC analysis by door and action plan to improve slow moving and obsolete

  1. HR management

a. Recruiting, fulfillment and turnover analysis

b. MUA productivity analysis and suggestions

c. Help NSM to do periodically performance review

  1. FSS management should be targeted at broader scope including:

a. FSS opening/closure process

b. FSS productivity planning (liaise with event, promotion and product launch team)

c. FSS profitability planning and monthly review with MRO and NSM

d. Some admin job including rental payment and monitoring store operation (treasury, stock etc.)

Areas need to breakthrough – Sales Planning

  1. Sales analysis and tracking report integration

a. Sales management team currently have

i. National, regional, MRO and store 6-month plan

ii. BI dashboard report

iii. Hourly  Monthly store productivity tracking report (pilot in Eastern)

iv. MRO monthly report

b. Planned to have (starting from FY16 Q4)

i. Monthly store fact sheet (maintain by back office on a monthly basis, the same format with store visit report)

ii. Conversion summary of ShopperTrak system installed stores

To simplify MRO regular report, China team start to use BI dashboard for daily and weekly business update to avoid any extra workflow. In the meantime, we also planned to update monthly store fact sheet to help MRO reduce daily data works so that they can focus more on store operations.

With this opportunity, we’d like to learn how can sale planning team can help, which kinds of reports are being used by mature market and what is the procedure.

  1. Expenditure control, tracking and follow ups

a. Monthly expenditure estimation and control

i. Current situation

  1. Allocate every line of monthly budget into each MRO

  2. Control from a higher level but no detail

ii. Need to breakthrough

  1. How can we track detailed line by MRO to ensure 100% achievement on a monthly basis

b. Commission

i. How can we better control monthly commission?

  1. Methods to balance commission and monthly retail target

  2. How to better use commission to enhance MUA productivity and store productivity

ii. Commission structure discussion

China has piloted service driven commission structure in two doors in Shanghai during FY16 Q2 but failed. Even we know that different markets have different situation, we’d still like to learn more to find out opportunities to help.

  1. FSS opening procedure discussion

a. Implement current opening procedure

The same as Commission structure discussion, we’d like to learn more from mature market to see anything can be improved

  1. New MUA induction plan, MRO Milestone, RMA, RM induction plan key learning and tips sharing


  1. Preferably with cosmetics and / or makeup knowledge and experience.

  2. Proficient in both spoken and written English and Chinese language.

  3. At least 3 - 5 years of relevant experience preferred.

  4. Strong analytical skills.

  5. Excellent team player

  6. Ability to manage multiple responsibilities in a fast paced, demanding environment.

  7. Good knowledge of retail selling with some background in merchandising and retailing.

  8. Computer literacy is essential, especially for Excel, Access and relevant system.

Job: Sales

Primary Location: Asia Pacific-China

Job Type: Standard

Schedule: Full-time

Shift: 1st (Day) Shift

Travel: No

Job Number: 164797